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At Ayur Vaidya we provide authentic and traditional Ayurveda treatments that combine the highest levels of efficacy and hygiene with modern convenience. We are firm believers in the Ayurvedic philosophy of holistic healing in harmony with one’s body mind and spirt. We provide a full range of Ayurveda solutions including health consultations, nutrition and lifestyle advice, curative treatments, wellness therapies, detoxification therapies, beauty treatments and more. Our mission is to make the Ayurvedic way of life accessible to everyone by providing programs that can be easily incorporated into any schedule and lifestyle. Our first facility in the Middle East is located in Dubai and provides our guests the best of both worlds, blending traditional ayurvedic ethos with contemporary comfort.

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Starting with an internal cleansing procedure, ayurvedic treatment comprises of following a specific diet, herbal treatments, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. When used in conjunction with traditional, conventional medical care as a complimentary therapy, Ayurveda can have beneficial results.

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Your wellness matters to us, which is why our staff is available 24-hrs to help you. For all your queries, contact: +971 566 820 659

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