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Curative Treatments in Dubai


Hereditary & Degenerative Neurological Diseases

Neurological disorders refer to disorders of nervous system and includes diseases of the brain, spine and the nerves that connect them. Overall Ayurveda refers to the nervous system collectively as “Majja Dhatu” and considers it responsible for Majja Dhatu functions of the brain and the nervous system and by extension ensuring the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the individual.

metabolic disorders

Metabolic Disorders

Simply put, Metabolic syndrome refers to a grouping of conditions that collectively raise risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health problems. Metabolic syndrome is also called insulin resistance syndrome. Commonly seen metabolic disorders include diabetes, hypercholesterolemia ,obesity and hypertension.


Ear, Nose, Throat & Eye Disorders

ENT treatment in ayurveda is known as Shalakya tantra. The Shalakya Tantra branch of Ayurveda deals with the study of ears, eyes, nose, and head and can be considered the Ayurvedic equivalent of modern-day ENT specialization. ENT ailments commonly appear as a result of modern lifestyle with exposure to Noise Pollution, Smoke, dust etc and also because of infections and improper hygiene.

spine ailments

Back and spine ailments

Back pain and spine related diseases are amongst the most common and prevalent ailment faced today. The modern sedentary lifestyle coupled with weight gain as well as incorrect movements, postures and excessive sitting are leading to the increased prevalence of these issues.

digestive system

Diseases of the Digestive System

In Ayurveda digestion and absorption of nutrition is explained in terms of “Agni” or digestive fire. Ayurveda considers Agni as a root cause for life, strength, health, nourishment, energy, and Prana (power of life).


Headaches( Migraine & sinusitis)

Broadly speaking headaches can be classified as tension headaches, sinus headaches and migraine. While tension headaches are mostly caused due to lifestyle issues, Sinus headaches are caused by changes in the pressure in the sinuses that can then cause headaches.

joint problems

Joint Problems

Joint Pains are among the most common issues faced that occurs with age. Joint pains usually occur due to Inflammation due to infections, wear and tear of the cartilage or caused by an accident or injury. Typical symptoms include stiffness or swelling leading to reduced flexibility and mobility of the joints.

neck pain

Neck Pain

Ailments of the neck are common lifestyle issues caused by prolonged desktop jobs, use of laptops, use of mobile phones while sleeping and many others. Neck pains usually begin as a festering pain or muscular stiffness in the neck.

respiratory disease

Diseases of the Respiratory System

Respiratory diseases are amongst the most common ailments seen today affecting over one in five people globally. These range from mild incidents such as common cold to more complicated conditions such as bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, and lung cancer all the way to severe acute respiratory syndromes, such as COVID-19.

sleep disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder collectively refers to various conditions that impact the quality and duration of a person’s sleep and by extension their ability to properly function while awake. As an essential function that allows the body and mind to recharge, sleep disorders could trigger other medical problems or be symptomatic of underlying mental Health issues.


Women's health

Women's health can vary significantly with maturity as they experience hormonal variations across the various stages of their lives namely menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Besides the obvious physiological transformations, these hormones also make women vulnerable to greater emotional changes and stress.

urinary system

Diseases of the Urinary system

Given its critical role in cleansing waste from the body and regulating blood volume and blood pressure, electrolyte levels and so on, a healthy urinary system is vital for overall well being of the body. Problems in the urinary tract usually emerge with age, ailments, congenital disorders, or trauma injury.

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