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Panchakarma Detox in Dubai

Panchakarma Detox

Ayur Vaidya Panchakarma detoxification and rejuvenation therapy eliminates deep rooted toxins from the body and balances your doshas. The term Panchakarma literally means “five therapies” in Sanskrit. Panchakarma employs five elimination treatments to remove deep-rooted stress and illness-bearing toxins from the body. The purpose of Panchakarma is sodhana (purification). If a disease is treated with the sodhana approach, it does not recur. Therefore, the panchakarma sodhana is a perfect way to heal and re-balance the body.

The complete process of Panchakarma involves the following three steps:

Poorva Karma

This is a preparatory procedure required before the main treatment, to soften the tissues so that the lipid-soluble toxins deposited into them are liquefied and flow back into the digestive tract. From here, they can be eliminated. This treatment prepares the patient mentally and physically for the main procedure of Panchakarma.

It involves three procedures:

Pradhan Karma

This is the five step Panchakarma procedure which is highly individualized and designed depending on the patients age, digestive strength, immune system, and other needs. This intense Panchakarma procedure can only be done under the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

The five karmas to cleanse the complete body are:

Paschaat Karma

This is a post-therapy dietary regime to restore the body’s digestive and absorptive capacity to its normal state. It includes rejuvenating treatments, lifestyle management, diet management, and intake of herbal supplements.

It includes the following procedures:

Benefits of the Ayur Vaidya Panchakarma treatments include

Contrary to common perception, panchakarma treatments are not a a random series of Ayurvedic treatments and is a specific treatment protocol. At Ayur Vaidya, a patient’s readiness for the panchakarma treatment is carefully assessed by our Ayurvedic physicians before booking the program. For instance, some Panchakarma procedures are not suitable for certain health conditions and few procedures should not be performed on children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Book your initial consultation now to identify a program best suited to your health needs and get started.

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