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Dandruff Treatment in Dubai

Dandruff Treatment

People of all ages are susceptible to dandruff, a common scalp condition. t is characterized by a flaky, itchy, and irritated scalp. Although it's not a significant health problem, dandruff can be embarrassing and lower one's self-esteem. According to Ayurveda, dandruff is classified as Shudra Roga, which develops when all three doshas are out of balance. The Pitta and Vata doshas are the ones that are the cause of dandruff. Both doshas produce specific impurities, known as ama, which are dry and hot in character when they are aggravated. Dandruff is a result of these pollutants building up in the deep tissues of the scalp, which itches and causes flaky patches on the scalp.

The overall goal of Ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai is to balance Pitta and Vata using herbal remedies, a customized diet, and lifestyle recommendations. Also, specific herbs are given to the body to rid it of accumulated intestinal toxins. Hair growth-promoting oils and hair packs made from a unique blend of herbs are used to encourage the growth of new hair, clean and cool the scalp, and remove impurities. Dandruff can be treated locally with hair oil or other products if the cause is something like dry skin on the scalp. Treatment for the underlying disease will be necessary if the cause is a skin condition like psoriasis.

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