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Ayurvedic Beauty & Hair Care Treatments in Dubai

Use of Skin and Hair care products with chemical ingredients coupled with stress of modern living and exposure to pollutants takes a toll on skin and hair health. Not surprisingly issues like skin inflammation, scarring, pigmentation, premature aging, hair fall etc have become common today. Ayurveda treatments uses the inherent healing powers of your body to provide a safe and natural alternative to cure and maintain optimal skin and hair health.

At Ayur Vaidya, our skin and hair care procedures are done using medicinal herbs and oils, herbal extracts, fresh fruits and natural products. Based on traditional Ayurvedic procedures using natural ingredients, our skin and hair care procedures make full benefit of the therapeutic effects of Indian herbs. Ayur Vaidya Beauty care procedures are recommended for pigmentations, scars & wrinkles on the face / neck / breasts / stomach / hands / legs etc. Our hair care treatments help improve hair growth by arresting hair fall, improves density and thickness, moisturises the hair and restores its natural lustre and strength.

Ayur Vaidya Skin Care therapies:

Mukha Abhyangam

Mukha Abhyangam (Face Oil Massage therapy)

Mukha Abhyanga (Facial Massage) is a specialized ayurvedic massage using medicated oils with infused herbs. It helps to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, and nourish the skin making it smooth and glowing. Mukha Abhyangam is carried out with special focus on the Marmas (vital Points) thus unlocking tension on your facial muscles and relieving stress.

Srinagar wrap therapy

Ayur Vaidya Srinagar wrap therapy (Detoxification therapy)

Ayur Vaidya Srinagar wrap therapy a full body scrub using herbal powders, followed by a beauty oil therapy & beauty wrap. The combination of herbal body scrubs wraps, and oil therapies will make your skin glow and enhance the flexibility of your body. This is a physician formulated therapy and is especially recommended for guests with for dry and dull skin. The herbal combinations used in the therapy work overtime to draw out the impurities and exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and moisturised revealing its natural glow.

Soundarya Vardhaka

Ayur Vaidya Soundarya Vardhaka (Signature deep cleansing therapy)

Our Soundarya Vardhaka signature is a deep cleansing therapy highly recommended for excessively oily and acne prone skin. The procedure begins with a full body Abhyangam oil massage done with different strokes across the body to lubricate the skin and improve circulation. Post the Abhyanga, herbal paste is applied all over the body and allowed to dry enabling the extracts seep into the skin. The combination of herbs is chosen as per the skin type of the guest. This is followed by a swedan procedure wherein steam is given all over the body, to help open the pores and facilitate the elimination of toxins through sweat. The herbal ingredients used in the therapy provide powerful cleansing properties and absorbs excess oil leaving the skin healthy, glowing and nourished.

Muka Lepam

Muka Lepam (Herbal Facial)

The Muka Lepam herbal facial comprises of a face massage using herbal oils and creams that are prepared with Ayurvedic herbs, extracts, and oils. In certain cases, the Muka Lepam therapy may be accompanied with a steam or scrub and is followed by a herbal face pack. The combination of Ayurvedic herbs and extracts helps to nourish the skin revitalizing its texture and brightness. Additionally, the herbal face pack increases oxygenation by improving the blood circulation to the skin helps to balance the skin pH levels.

Shashtika Mukha

Shashtika Mukha Lepam (Face cleanse and scrub)

Njavara facial is an Ayurvedic treatment using a medicated rice paste made of that’s massaged onto the face. The procedure uses a specific kind of rice called Njavara renowned for its nutritional value. The Njavara facial is a deep cleanse and scrub therapy that nourishes the skin leaving it soft and glowing. Navara facial is highly recommended for cases such as acne vulgaris, hyperpigmentation and for rejuvenating dull and blemished skin. It is especially beneficial for healing chapped and blemished skin by removing the dead skin layer.

Phala mukha

Phala mukha Lepam (fruit Face pack)

Phala mukha Lepam is a skincare therapy using various herbs, medicated plants, oils, plant and fruit extracts that are used to protect the facial skin by prevent pigmentation or staining. The herbal face pack is made with a paste of fresh fruits and is applied on the face and left to dry for a period of about 45-50 minutes. Following this the paste is gently removed using water and finally a moisturising pack made of aloe vera gel is applied on the face. Phala Mukha Lepam is an extremely nourishing anti-ageing skin treatment that prevents wrinkles, tones of the skin and reduces pigmentation.

Ayur Vaidya Hair Care therapies:

Siro Abhyangam

Siro Abhyangam (Head Massage)

Shiro Abhyangam therapy provides a complete massage of the head along with the neck, and shoulders. The therapy involves application of warm, herb-infused oil over the head with a gentle massage with special emphasis on the marma points to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. The rhythmic massage allows the herbal oils to be absorbed deeply into the tissue thus nourishing the hair and infusing the medicinal effect of the herbs into the scalp. Shiro Abhyangam therapy helps to improve the hair growth, reduce hair fall and improves its shine, density, luster and thickness. Consistent practice of Shiro Abhyangam provides anti-ageing benefits and prevents premature greying of hair.


Thalapothichil (Herbal Head Mask)

The Thalapothichil therapy involves the application of specially prepared herbal hair mask on the scalp. The procedure begins with application of medicated oils on the scalp and head combined with rhythmic massaging of the marma points. The oils used are chosen depending on the dosha of the guest. Subsequently a herbal paste is prepared and is applied in a thick uniform layer over the head and allowed to dry. After a specific period, the paste is removed, and the head massage is repeated. Thalapothichil is an extremely beneficial therapy for dandruff and scalp psoriasis and nourishes the hair and stimulates hair growth. Additionally, it is also a cooling treatment that helps relieve stress by calming and soothing the mind.

Thakra Dhara

Thakra Dhara (pouring medicated buttermilk)

Takradhara a traditional ayurvedic treatment renowned for its rejuvenation and detoxification properties. The procedure begins with a relaxing massage following which a stream of medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead. directed at the region between the eyebrows. The choice of ayurvedic herbs is based on the patient’s dosha imbalance with the gentle flow of liquid stimulating the nerve endings and pituitary glands. Takradhara is a cooling treatment and is recommended for body types prone to excessive heat or during summer months. It is also an excellent rejuvenation therapy for dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, scalp issues and enhances the overall blood circulation to the brain. Takradhara is also a recommended therapy for coping with stress, fatigue and related issues such as chronic headaches & migraines.


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