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Wellness & Rejuvenation Treatment in Dubai

At Ayur Vaidya, we leverage the wisdom of traditional Ayurveda to provide holistic healing. Our ayurvedic wellness treatments focus on balancing the doshas and regaining the body’s balance to leave you stronger and rejuvenated. We use traditional ayurvedic cleansing and detoxification procedures that will reinvigorate your senses and claim your mind.

oil massage

Sarvanga Abhyangam

Abhyangam is a luxurious traditional full body oil massage. Abhyangam is done by applying warm medicated oils all over the patient’s body in seven different positions. The massage involves the application of the right amount of pressure and synchronised circular movements to provide you `with a number of health benefits. Abhyanga prevents ageing, relieves fatigue and balances Vata disorders. Abhyanga also relaxes the mind and nourishes the body, enhances blood circulation and immunity, improves complexion and induces good sleep.

ayurvedic care

Njavara Exfoliation

Njavara Exfoliation is a full body revival massage using rice paste processed with cow’s milk and decoction of herbs done after a full body scrub. The procedure involves the fomentation of the body using a poultice prepared from a specific kind of rice renowned for its nutritional value. It is an exfoliating therapy that makes the skin soft and supple and gives it a lustrous glow. Njavara Exfoliation is an excellent therapy that cools the body and keeps it active during the summer months.

Herbal Bolus

Herbal Bolus therapy

Ayur Vaidya Herbal Bolus therapy is a relaxing and refreshing treatment using warm aromatic herbal bags after 40 minutes of therapy with ayurvedic oils. This therapy is highly recommended for relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles and lubricates the joints. It also enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses and detoxifies the body.

ayurvedic head massage

Ayurvaidya Stress Ease therapy

One of our most popular wellness treatments, “Ayur Vaidya Stress Ease” is a rejuvenating and relaxing ayurvedic therapy that involves applying warm medicated oils all over the body and a rhythmic pouring of medicated liquids on the forehead. It is highly beneficial in reducing stress related issues, strengthens the nervous system, revitalizes the body and generates positive energy.

back massage

Ayur Vaidya Signature Therapy

Ayur Vaidya Signature Therapy involves the combination of three therapies - Abhyangam, Herbal Bolus &Herbal powder therapy. The treatments include an herbal powder scrub and a vasodilating therapy with warm herbal bags in oil. It also enhances peripheral blood circulation, assists weight loss, cleanses the channels of circulation and detoxifies the body.

Pada Abhyangam

Pada Abhyangam

Pada Abhyngam involves massage using herbal oils on the foot using precise hand movements to stimulate nerve endings and vital pressure points in the foot to balance the Doshas. This also relieves Stress and Anxiety and improves blood circulation in the lower legs revitalizing the tired feet. Padabhyangam is especially beneficial for stress related conditions such as Nervousness, Anxiety, and Insomnia and prevents Depression. It also prevents Muscle cramps, boosts Fertility, and reduces Swelling and Pain in the lower leg region

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