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Pre and post natal massage Dubai

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Pre-natal Care

Ayur Vaidya Pre Natal treatments helps prepare for motherhood at a physical and emotional level. Our physicians will draw up a full-fledged pre-natal care program that include dietary recommendations, pregnancy exercise/yoga, regular pregnancy massage as well as prescribing medication to prepare your body for a smooth labour and support it to reach full gestation. Our programs are customized for your needs and cater to any specific pregnancy challenges such as nausea, heart burn, backaches, pregnancy related insomnia, swollen feet and so on.

Ayurvedic oil massages are highly recommended during pregnancy and play a key role for the healthy development of the baby. Our soothing body massage focused on stress prone areas addresses various pregnancy related discomforts leaving you relaxed and revitalised. During the massage, warm medicated oils are applied with gentle and repetitive strokes on the whole body with special emphasis on nerve endings and acupressure points to relax the nervous system. Ayur Vaidya Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial to relieve muscle cramps and spasms and helps enhance blood and lymph circulation and reduce swelling.

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Post-natal Care

Post-natal care treatments in Ayurveda are specifically designed to carefully nurture your body back to its prior strength and vitality. We take a holistic approach to postpartum care that ensures proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, medication and treatments including massage therapy and herbal baths. Ayurvedic post-natal massage therapy can be conducted from the fifth to seventh day of normal delivery or two weeks following caesarean deliveries. Patients are advised to consult with your Doctor before commencing any Ayurvedic Treatments following childbirth.

Physician Consultation

According to Ayurveda, childbirth is caused due to vata activity. Our Ayurveda Doctors will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your health and design a treatment program to balance your vata dosha. The postpartum phase is a highly vulnerable time for the new mother and baby. Our treatment protocols focus on protecting you from the dosha imbalance & stress in addition to any other specific health concerns during this period. Your postpartum medical kit includes a range of herbal decoctions and medications (Kashayams, arishtas and lehyams) that will enhance your vitality, strength and stamina, increasing lactation and rejuvenate your body post-delivery.

Nutrition and Lifestyle advice

Nutrition and Lifestyle play a central role in Ayurvedic treatments and especially so for postpartum care. Your digestive system is very sensitive during the postpartum period; therefore, treatment protocols recommend starting with eating easily digestible foods and gradually transitioning to your regular diet only towards the end of treatment period. As with your treatments, diet during the postpartum phase is designed to balance the vata dosha, enhance lactation and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, what you eat, the quantity of food intake and time between meals are of utmost importance during this phase. Ayur Vaidya Nutrition and Lifestyle advice program includes customized diet charts and guidelines for routines and activity tailored to your health and recovery needs for the first 6 weeks following childbirth.

Abhyangam + Herbal Bath

Abhyanga is a luxurious full-body warm Ayurvedic oil massage that revitalises and strengthens the body. The herbal oils chosen for Abhyanga are specific to your body type and assists healing and detoxification. Benefits of Abhyanga include improved circulation, muscle toning alleviation of stress, improved immune function, and rejuvenation of the body amongst others. Our Postpartum abhyanga massage with herbal oils promotes muscle healing, spinal alignment and rehabilitation of abdominal muscles and skin healing your body from the rigors of childbirth. The abhyanga massage is an excellent detoxification therapy that reduces stress, improves your digestion and helps to eliminate impurities from the body. The abhayangam therapy is followed up with a warm herbal bath treatment that helps to strengthen your ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints of the whole body while smoothening your skin and relieving pain.

Post-partum Abdominal Binding

The Post-partum abdominal binding procedure involves tightly wrapping the new mother’s belly with cotton cloth post the herbal bath for five to six hours. The abdominal binding process facilitates abdominal wall muscle retraction by strengthening the muscles stretched during pregnancy and stabilizes loosened ligaments. Additionally the procedure helps with the overall posture and aligns the organs post-delivery helping the body regain its pre-pregnancy shape faster.

Podikizhi Therapy + Thalam

Podikizhi Ayurvedic massage is provided during the postpartum period for reducing tenderness, stiffness, or inflammation of the joints and other body parts. The treatment involves massage using “kizhis” or cotton boluses dipped in medicated oils to bring the body back to its natural balance. The key element of the Podikizhi treatment is the medicated powder inside Kizhi or poultice that is made with a mixture of herbs. The treatment enhances circulation, reduces inflammation and stimulates and releases trapped nerves. The podikizhi Treatment relieves delivery exertion and helps mitigate vata dosha.

Elakizhi Therapy + Thalam

Elakizhi is an Ayurvedic sudation therapy using numerous herbs. The treatment involves preparation of poultices made with herbs and medicated oils that are heated and applied on the body to induce perspiration. Elakizhi treatment is especially beneficial for detoxifying the body and when administered during postpartum care it assists elimination of impurities from the body. The vata pacifying properties of the herbal poultices help release stress, and enhances muscular strength and increases overall circulation, especially to nerve endings.

Muka Lepam (Herbal Face Pack) + Hair fumigation

Skin and Hair care treatments take significance during the postpartum period. Often women experience post-partum hair loss and skin changes such as rough texture, pigmentation etc. Ayur Vaidya herbal face pack treatments help to cleanse and exfoliates the skin by unclogging the pores and removing impurities and dead skin cells. Further the moisturizing properties of the herbal face pack treatment makes the skin hydrated regaining its natural glow. The hair fumigation treatment involves exposing the hair and scalp to medicinal fumes to improve texture and to act as preventive care against infections.

Treatment for Baby

Ayurveda Baby massage is a gentle therapy immensely helpful for the health of the baby. Besides assisting with relaxation and sleep and digestion it also enhances complexion, promotes growth, strength and circulation. Additionally, Ayurveda Baby Massage also helps in the expulsion of toxins and aids the digestive system of the baby. According to Ayurveda, it is recommended that neonates and infants be given oil massage only after the umbilical cord has healed complete.

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